Skrevet: 17.nov.2011 Klokken: 00:32

What do you do when everything familiar and safe is so far away?

What do you do when all the people you love are nowhere around?

What do you do when you're all alone in a big, new country?

What do you do as a seventeen year old girl without everything thats ever been safe?

Do you know how it feels being all alone in this big, big world?

Because I don't think you do, or ever can unless you've been an exchange student.

When you're sad and all you want is to cry on your best friends shoulders.

When something is scary and you need your dad to protect you

And when a guy hurts you and you need your moms advise.

You know what I'm talking about: the moments you need your loved ones the most.

But what do you do if they can't be there, because thousands of miles seperates you?

You take care of if yourself.

And then there's the scariest thoughts of them all: do they even think about me anymore?

Do they miss me?

Talk about me?

Wish I was there?

Or have they forgotten about me?

Do I even matter anymore?

The scary part, that when you come home, has everything changed?

Nothing is the same anymore and you're just a stranger looking in.

But you're still happy to be here and the decision you made to go.

But it's hard, I'm not going to lie.

Even though this is the best exprience you've ever had in your entire life

nothing can replace your dear safe home.

Skrever av meg i creative writing klassen min for noen dager siden. :)